Who do I have to PAY to get AMP Real URL activated on my Business Account? :)

Hi There,

We’ve had our AMP Real URL toggle set to ON for months now and are still waiting. I’ve always had an issue with AMP pages and the way Google masks our domain, so I’m really eager to try this out.

Can someone please flip us on?


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Hi @davea, I think the last comment in the announcement blog is still valid, https://blog.Cloudflare.com/announcing-amp-real-url/. “We will be rolling out support for AMP Real URL in stages”. We’ve seen a few posts here asking about the different url, so I know that process has started.

Thanks and agreed but we’ve been sitting with the enabled for months. Just wondering how long this staging is going to take. Frankly Google AMP is a double-edge sword in every sense of the word.

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