WHMCS for Cloudflare Registrar


Hello dear community ,

With the venu of the Cloudflare registrar, is there any possibility to have it connected to WHMCS ?

Thank you

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Looks like anyone can create a module like it, https://developers.whmcs.com/provisioning-modules/ so it’s possible, but I don’t see Cloudflare themselves making a module for WHMCS (I am not affiliated with Cloudflare).

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Yes the concept is pretty easy, but why wouldn’t they ? i manage more than 1000 domain with WHMCS without it it’s a complete nightmare :slight_smile:


I’m waiting for a run for this situation :slight_smile:


We haven’t yet migrated the first person who signed up for early access. There is a lot of work we are doing to roll out resolver. Is this on the list somewhere? Probably. But it’s much lower priority than getting the standard solution shipped.


If the API is good, it shouldn’t take long to make a plugin available <3


Yep, as Judge mentioned anyone could probably write one whenever they felt the need.

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Here is Australia I use TPP wholesale WHMCS plugin but it has been having a few issues recently so I am looking at what other WHMCS domain reg providors are out there. Cloudflare would be a perfect solution. If anyone gets this made I would be very happy.


Any update on when the plugin will be available to manage cloudflare domains via whmcs, if possible @cloudflareteam please update on ETA.


If there was a module for WHMCS to manage domains I would certainly use it.


Yes, if there was a WHMCS module, I would certainly start migrating my thousands of domains. I am fed up with other providers ripping me off. Come on CF team, please give it a go (or could it be that WHMCS is not keen? https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/cloudflare-registrar-module#comment-13676