Whmcs and subdomain related

I am having web hosting site from where I am offering hosting plans for my clients. I am now using cloudflare on this site as pointed site to cloudflare ns directly and it got applied for the sites subdomain ie www.billing.maindomain.com too. We noticed that the most of the orders are getting session timed out as cloudflare is having some limitations for the timedout.

Now, my concern/query is, will it work if I somehow disable cloudflare for the subdomain ie www.billing.maindomain and how to do that? So that I can improve that order timeout issues based on whmcs.

Kindly guide me for this situation so that I can resolve the things by using cloudflare for main site.

If proxy status is DNS only, then cloudflare is disabled for that sub domain

but i didnot try with www.subdomain.yourdomain.com
It work for subdomain.yourdomain.com for sure

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