WHM broken after cloudflare integration


Hello Team Cloudflare,

First of all thank you very much for this awesome free CDN support, for all the needy webmasters!

Just a week ago I integrated cloudflare with mt bluehost VPS, Everything is running fine, except my WHM dashboard which seems to be broken and inaccessible.

When I contacted bluehost support they told me that it was happening because the A records from cloudflare were not pointing to bluehost, and advised me to contact cloudflare for the necessary steps.

However, when I check the cloudflare DNS records I see everything correctly configured, so I am clueless regarding the issue.

I’ll be grateful if an expert from your team could kindly solve this for me.

Waiting in anticipation



Surprise! :partying_face:

That statement alone would make me cancel that service contract. If a host doesnt know how a service well-known in that industry works I’d immediately question their overall competence.

Anyhow, isnt WHM running on a custom port? Could it be a non-supported one? Post your URL and people should be able to say more.

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Thank you for your reply.

The support member actually told me that I couldn’t access my WHM because it had to come through cloudflare, and therefore the A record should be pointing to the WHM.

I am a complete layman in these matters so there could be possibly a misinterpretation from me, I am not very sure, however one thing is clear that the person clearly advised that it had to be solved from cloudflare support, and they could do nothing from their end.

He told me that I could temporarily access my WHM through my server’s non secure IP, so presently I am able to open my WHM through this method but with a red non-secure warning beside the IP based URL. I want to open it in a normal secured way, so don’t prefer to go by this method.

My WHM URL is https://server.homemade-circuits.com:2087/

Thank you in advance!


So it shouldnt be a port issue as 2087 is one of the ports Cloudflare supports for HTTPS. Your site is behind Cloudflare and loads fine though. So I am not sure what the issue is. Is it after you login?


yes it’s after I login. You can see it live in this video:



It seems the login works, but it cant load everything afterwards. Without access its impossible to point to an exact reason, but it might be “mixed content”. I’d open the browser developer tools and check out the console and network tab for hints.

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Turns out to be 401 errors from the origin preventing access.