WHM and Cloudflare

I have a domain with whm on it, i sell hosting. I want to setup Cloudflare, not the plugin or to sell it but to protect my own domain name. I have my own servers. If i setup the name servers that are offered from Cloudflare will that affect anyone else who has a domain purchased from me and they are pointing to my own NS1 and NS2 servers?

Am I making sense? Thank you in advance


Hey James, you only get protection from Cloudflare if your DNS records are orange-clouded in the DNS tab in Cloudflare, so if you only add your own records and enable the CF orange cloud, only your domain will be covered. Just note that only business and enterprise plans can specify custom name servers.

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Sorry thats not what I mean. I have WHM installed on my domain. My name servers for my domain are NS1.Domain.com and NS2.Domain.com so when people buy hosting from me they point their domains to my name servers via their dns, now i want to secure my domain with Cloudflare, the domain, not change my whm, i help everyone else setup Cloudflare seperate to my hosting offering, i dont sell it as a service or anything like that.

IF I change over to Cloudflare for my own domain that i host whm and i change MY Domain Name Servers over, does that affect everyone else that i have hosted and pointing to my own name servers.

Does that make sense?


No, it’ll only affect the domains you add to Cloudflare, and only if the DNS records have the orange cloud enabled (i.e. routing traffic through Cloudflare’s network). To my previous point though, if you assist your clients in setting up Cloudflare for their own domains, they will only be able to use your name servers if they’re on an enterprise plan – otherwise they’ll need to use Cloudflare’s name servers.

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