Whitelisting rate limit


My site is getting webhook calls from email service about bounce or drops. And, the request rate is very high because we send a lot of emails. I wonder how to set exception for this case.

  1. Is the whitelist of IP firewall also applied to rate limiting? (So that i can whitelist IPs from email service)

In case the email service doesn’t have static list of Ip addresses,

  1. It uses dedicated URL path for webhooks. Trivial solution might be setting very high rate limit for the path. Is it right way?



White listed IPs and ASNs/Countries are exempted.

If you are an enterprise customer you can use the bypass feature. Is it possible to direct these API calls to a specific subdomain and then create rate limiting rules for other domains (e.g. rate limiting rule for https://www.example.com and https://example.com but not for https://webhook.example.com).


Because every small site can afford an extra $5/month bill. Similar solutions should be available with more affordable pricing for smaller sites :confused:


Is it possible to use Page Rules to disable ‘everything’ for a specific URL/webhook? For example with the available rules:

Disable Security, Browser Integrity Check: Off, Web Application Firewall: Off, polish: Off, Mirage: Off, Always Online: Off, Security Level: Essentially Off, Cache Level: Bypass, IP Geolocation Header: Off, Email Obfuscation: Off, Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: Off, cache_deception_armor: Off, Disable Apps, Disable Performance


I don’t see anything in there that would stop you. Some rules, like Forward URL can’t be combined with other rules. It won’t let you add rules that can’t be combined – I think they’ll be greyed out.

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