Whitelisting quic.cloud IP's in bulk to avoid 401 on domain key request Wordpressp

I have spent considerable time trying to find a way to get cloudflare to allow 148 IP’s provided by quic.cloud for allowlisting.

Currently I have tried using rules with a list, such as source IP, IP with SKIP options, however this does not seem to work.

I could add allowed IP’s in the to be depreciated IP access rules, however, I require these to be added to multiple domains and it is a single Ip per line, no way to bulk import.

right now, i cannot obtain a domain key for some residual Wordpress site.

Can anyone suggest a way forwards?

Sorry to hear you are having some issues. When using our IP lists with a custom rule you still were seeing event’s blocked? Are you able to take that RAYID and search the Security Events to determine why it was blocked? As the SKIP rule should bypass items selected in the same manner as IP access rules.

When you say domain key are you doing a CNAME validation record? Or what is the process you are trying to allow?

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