Whitelisting IPs that are blocked by Super Fight Mode

I’ve been using the Super Bot Fight Mode recently, and it is doing a great job. I “Allowed” requests coming from Verified Bots and “Challenged” requests coming from Definitely Automated Bots. This is working like a charm.

I noticed that one of the services I was using was getting blocked - MalCare Pro. I contacted the company and asked them to send me a list of their IPs to whitelist them in a Firewall rule. After whitelisting the IPs, the requests were still getting blocked, but I can see in my Firewall logs the below:

Date -------- Action -------- Country -------- IP -------- Service
X ------------ Challenge -------- X -------------IP-X ------ Firewall: Managed
X ------------ Allow---------------- X -------------IP-X ------ Firewall rules

So, the request is bypassing the Firewall through the rule I created but getting blocked by the challenge I created on Super Bot Fight mode.

Any thoughts on a better approach?

no way to whitelist Questions About Cloudflare Super Bot Fight Mode - #5 by eva2000. In current state Super Bot Fight Mode isn’t really usable for some folks unfortunately :frowning:


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