Whitelisting IP to not use CloudFlare's proxy


I have been checking our access log in our apache2 installation. I have been checking the IP’s connecting, and because of Cloudflare, and it’s proxy, we have a range of IP’s connecting, and we can’t see the end user IP, which is fine for us.

The issue comes when, for maintenance and upgrade purposes, I need to whitelist IP’s in our server, so we can access to the site while the platform it’s on maintenance mode for everyone else.

I have added the range of IP’s coming from Cloudflare: IP Ranges | Cloudflare following this guide:
Allowing Cloudflare IP addresses – Cloudflare Help Center

I don’t know exactly if this is what I need at all. My end goal is to see my IP in the access.log requesting for a page, so I can whitelist it.


You need to rewrite the addresses


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