Whitelisting IP Address

Hello there, I am using RankMath Plugin. It seems causing an conflict or error loading the post, page and media section on my WordPress admin dashboard. Due to this these sections are taking way more (around 30s of seconds) than usual time.
I opened a support thread on RankMath support section. The team reviewed (using my login details) and left a comment. That says:

Upon checking the backend of your website where you have this issue, I was able to replicate it. However, under the console, I noticed that it was throwing some Javascript errors which are related to your server. It does seem as you are using Cloudflare which could be as well another cause. The error Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 522 () means that Cloudflare was unable to send the HTTP request to the origin because of a network connection to the origin server could not be established.
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> It seems like Cloudflare is not able to read our resources in particular the post list CSS item. Since these 522 errors are occurring in certain locations like pages and post sections, I would recommend you whitelist the Rank Math IP .

So, where do i need to add whitelist for that Ip? Under Firewall, there are two ways to allow an IP (one under firewall rule and another one is Tools under firewall tab). I tried using one that is under Firewall>>Tools, and is not working anyway.

If anyone here is a paid user of Rankmath, you should be able to view the support thread there too.

Whitelist at your hosting provider if you can, probably a rate limit problem at the host

Can you explain in detail? Is there any changes to whitelist this at the host using cPanel?

Give it a try at Cpanel, but also have a chat with the support, explain the problem

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