Whitelisted linkchecker dashboard askew data

Does anybody know how we can eliminate seeing our whitelisted ip from the cloudflare analytics.

By not providing a means to make whitelisted ip’s invisible from the analytics really makes them kind of useless.

For instance, if I run linkchecker, now the analytics shows I’m a huge success because 2 or 3 thousand page requests were made.

And for anybody that might tell me to use an analytic program in my own server, they too become useless since all I can see is cloudflare’s ip addresses.

I’m certain someone else out there has come up with the solution for real statistical gleaning but couldn’t find it in the cloudflare search of the community comments.

Any help would be much appreciated (I feel like I’m walking in the dark here).

Are you talking about whitelisted IPs in your firewall, you do not want to count in the analytics?
If so then it is not possible, within Cloudflare because it is not the way that analytics was designed.
You can see users IPs by using real IP

Additionally there are analytics app in Cloudflare that you can use to get a more detailed view.

If you want to get really detailed then I would recommend using Logflare with Google Data Studio.
@chasers would be able to talk about it more as he made it.

Rats, I was afraid that I’d receive that reply.

How do others isolate what is real visitors from a simple linkchecker from a whitelisted ip? I’ve tried turning off the cache hoping it would not count the accesses from my own pc but that just changed the color or the graph’s data.

Using any program such as those popular in linux to analize my logs at this end but all I see is the cloudflare whitelist.

What do you do to see your real data Jake?

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If you do not want to see the Cloudflare IPs then you would need to restore the visitors original IP.

I personally use logflare then Data studio to get charts and add filters that way.

Quick example.

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Thanks a load! I’ll look into those two programs and see about how to resolve to actual ip’s later tonight.

Although you already gave a solution, I thought since the screenshot was already taken that I’d post it for clarity. This is what I get to see: Attached (the big guy is me)

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