Whitelisted Feed Informer, still blocked at firewall

Old Cloudflare user here (from the 2000s—even got the T-shirt to prove it), departed 2012, returned 2022! Sure has changed a lot over a decade.

I use Feed Informer for one of my sites—it basically takes the RSS feed and outputs it as HTML text. Since switching Cloudflare on, it hasn’t been able to get through.

Feed Informer sends an empty string and Cloudflare’s firewall tells me, among other things:

Service: Bot fight mode
Action taken: JS Challenge

Feed Informer, on its end, records a 503.

This is despite my having made this rule in the firewall to allow through Feed Informer’s IP,

I had to whitelist another two IPs that are legit earlier, so the rule reads:

(ip.src eq or (ip.src eq or (ip.src eq

It’s set to allow.

The first two work fine but the last doesn’t. Can anyone figure out what I’m doing wrong, please?

Fixed it! I had turned on the bot fight mode, which affected Cloudflare. Now switched off, all rules working.

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