Whitelisted CF, should I be worried about fishing for bitcoin and my wallet?

I’ve whitelisted all the cloud flare ip’s

I’ve blocked anything and everything from accessing the server (*with the caveat of illusion that I am not at the mercy of the ip provider’s bubble, et.al)

However (and other cloudflare ip’s) were utilized to search for temp/wallet.dat, .bitcoin/wallet.dat and more.

Now I know what 404 means but what if…?

Shouldn’t this be of some concern and what’s more, since I whitelisted am I not at the mercy of the cloudlare.eu probings?

I’m already broke.

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If you’re seeing Cloudflare IPs in your logs, it’s because your server isn’t restoring Visitor IP addresses:

As for probing for bitcoin files, I don’t have any on my server. Geez, who does? If you really want to stop seeing those probes, add appropriate settings to Firewall Rules.

Wow, no button for that huh? I’m thinking that this would be the preferred norm to have actual ip addresses of the visitors.

Thanks, I’ll put more time into learning the process of resurrecting ip’s later when I am able.

Thanks for the reply.

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