Whitelist URL to Access my CloudFlare-configured Domain?

Hi there,

Hopefully a simple one to resolve.

I have the basic CloudFare “free” service configured against my domain for simple caching and security improvements.

However, the management of my website is handled from a different domain entirely, e.g. bulk database updates, content management, uploading/downloading files, etc.

I want to make sure that CloudFlare recognises this other domain as “approved” to perform such actions against my main domain…

Is there anything I need to do, or should do, here?

Hoping it’s as simple as configuring a “Page Rule” and disabling security and anything else required!

Thanks for the help!

It wouldn’t be a Page Rule, but it heavily depends on what type of connection these other services are using to connect. Is it HTTPS over a standard port, such as 443? If so, then it shouldn’t have to be put on an Allow list.

If not, then those sites would have to connect directly to your origin IP address, or a dedicated :grey: DNS Only hostname.

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HI @sdayman,

Yes the other service is always connecting to my main domain via HTTPS and on port 443. The service starts with ww2 subdomain though, in case that makes any different. e.g. ww2.managemysite.com

However, another user who has a similar setup to me, reported that when they updated some content on mainsite.com with a *.csv file import (via the other managemysite.com domain), CloudFlare blocked the request due to CORS settings…?

They were requested by the service provider to make sure all requests coming from managemysite.com domain are able to go through (on CloudFlare).

Thanks for the help

CORS usually comes into play when one site is trying to load another site’s content in someone’s web browser. Not for an external management connection. I don’t think Cloudflare is involved in blocking due to CORS when it comes to external communication to a site. And it’s up to the displaying site to set the correct CORS header(s) for what is and isn’t allowed to load.

Hi @sdayman - actually you make a very good point here which makes me question (and rephrase!) what the “managemysite.com” service is doing…

Actually, the managemysite.com service is loading the main site’s content in the web browser. Similar to if you edit a WordPress static page, but the admin/back-end content editor is hosted on a separate domain. For example, updating page content, installing plugins, etc. The managemysite.com service is doing all of this by loading the main site’s content.

Could you suggest any way to “whitelist” this other site if it’s at all needed still in CloudFlare, or is it something my web host should be helping with? Thanks!

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