Whitelist the /wp-json/* urls

Hey there, I hope you all are having a beautiful day.

I’m using Woocommerce, and I have installed a review plugin called Judge.me, but it’s not working because it says to whitelist wp-json URLs. Please see the picture below:

How should I proceed? Thanks in advance!

Normally, I wouldn’t expect this to be blocked by Cloudflare (but I could be wrong).

Take a look at the Firewall section of the Cloudflare dashboard for your domain. The Firewall Events Log should show what’s blocking them. If nothing is apparent there, it might be blocked at your server. Without actually seeing the error they’re getting, it’s difficult to diagnose.

Hey, thanks a lot for your answer. I think that you are right, I didn’t find anything on the Cloudflare dashboard that might block the requests. So, I’ve contacted my hosting provider. It seems that their AI-bot is blocking those requests. Again, thank you!

UPDATE: Siteground’s AI-bot was blocking the requests. The fix is to contact the support team so they can disable it.


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