Whitelist rules doesn't work

Hello everyone! We connected with payment system. And when they send their request to our system, cloudflare blocked it. We added their ip’s in whitelist, in filrewall rules. But it has same result. When we disable cloudflare, request delivered to us. Can you help us?
P.S. We checked their IP and they are correct

What response do they get from Cloudflare when it is blocked?

Can you post screenshots of where you whitelisted it?

Response code 403
Screenshots from firewall rules:

Screenshots from tools:

Did you only configure that one address under IP access rules or all five as well?

I need at last one of them for test. Now we test with ip .240

Is the firewall rule the very first one in the list?

No, but we don’t have blocked rules. Only whitelist

Do you have access to the actual response they receive?

They said that response code is 403 Forbidden

That is very generic. You’d need to post the full response.

It might be best to open a support ticket and have support take a look at that IP address.

Ok, thank you

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