Whitelist Razorpay Payment Gateway Bots

Dear Team, I am a merchant and we perform transactions on our website, our payment gateway provider is Razorpay and we use WordPress Woo-commerce to take orders. During the transaction, Razorpay tries to access webhooks to change the order status. Due to some reason, bot fight is blocking these requests https://i.imgur.com/UzCT2lt.png

We have opened a support ticket with Razorpay and they asked us to whitelist a few IPs which are mentioned here https://razorpay.com/docs/whitelists/#webhook-ips

We urge you to whitelist Razorpay’s IPs and user agents from CF bot protection.

Since I do not find the contact details of their IT team I am not sure they will be able to work with you closely on this. If you need any other information let us know we will ask them via support ticket and forward the necessary info like ASN details …etc

As we noticed they are using only one ASN which is AS16509 AMAZON-02

if the CF team want to contact Razorpay directly you can contact them by raising a support ticket Track Payments, File Grievance - Razorpay Support

we have also submitted this request using Cloudflare bot verification google sheet Cloudflare Bot Verification

“action”: “jschallenge”,
“clientASNDescription”: “AMAZON-02”,
“clientAsn”: “16509”,
“clientCountryName”: “IN”,
“clientIP”: “”,
“clientRequestHTTPHost”: “www.mydomain.com”,
“clientRequestHTTPMethodName”: “POST”,
“clientRequestHTTPProtocol”: “HTTP/1.1”,
“clientRequestPath”: “/consult/wp-admin/admin-post.php”,
“clientRequestQuery”: “?action=rzp_wc_webhook”,
“datetime”: “2022-06-14T05:12:31Z”,
“rayName”: “71b0924ea8fd4d63”,
“ruleId”: “bot_fight_mode”,
“rulesetId”: “”,
“source”: “botFight”,
“userAgent”: “Razorpay-Webhook/v1”,
“matchIndex”: 0,
“metadata”: ,
“sampleInterval”: 1

It is not just me many others are facing a similar issue, I request the concerned team to look into this

I have filled out the form but i have not received any response.

Please fill out this form if you own/operate a bot.

Are you the owner/operator of Razorpay?

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