Whitelist myself from rate limiting?

If I want to stress test my system I feel like i start being limited by cloudflare, even if I don’t have any rate limiting rules… is it possible to whitelist a IP so they are never rate limited in anyway ?

You could either do this with firewall rules [image] Respectively whitelisting an address under IP access rules might do the same trick.

But the OP mentioned this:

@user5066 how do you know that you are being rate limited by Cloudflare?

It just seems curl stops working/is slowed down after X amount of requests when stress testing

Your curl might be overloading your system itself (server or PC) ?

If Cloudflare intends to rate limit you, they will send an HTTP 403 to you instead of slowing down the connection.

I’m testing all my cluster of load balancers, so I should be able to start 10k simultaneous curl requests just fine, the backend should be able to handle it, the server creating the connections is very beefy and has enough bandwidth too but it just seems that after ~600 or so cul requests are made in very short order they start to fail for no reason

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