Whitelist my IP address

I want to whitelist my local computer ip address in a Firewall Rule for my Wp-admin. Since my local computer ip address is dynamic I am not able to do this. Saw a suggestion to use an ip range instead but I would prefer to do this properly.

I use an Apple computer for the adminstration of both Wordpress and Cloudflare. Apple provides an option to create a Global Dynamic Host Name with Bonjour Services to provide access from the internet to a Global Host Name which tracks my dynamic ip address.

I am not talking about the ip address for my origin server. I have a Virtual Private Server with a fixed address and this is not an issue.

I am talking about whitelisting my local computer for access to WP admin.

Has anyone done this?
If so do you know how to reference the Global Dynamic Host Name in a Firewall Rule?

Peter K.

You’d have to write a script to periodically update the IP address based upon whatever your current one is:

This command will return your public IP address:
dig +short myip.opendns.com @resolver1.opendns.com

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