Whitelist IPs after DDOS


Not very technical, so hope below is correct.

I’m integrated with Cloudflare via Ezoic. Last weekend, my hosting provider (mijndomein.nl) experienced a DDOS attack. Currently my site is not reachable yet. I removed Cloudflare but want to reenable it again. Are certain IPs blacklisted because of this attack?

My hosting provider does not see anything in the error logs.

My domain: www.ketoking.nl
Cloudflare Ray ID: 6d9afaf7aab06b3f • Your IP:

First of all I see your website is not using Cloudflare Nameservers.

Thanks, yes I’m trying to remove Cloudflare to get my site up and running again. But is seems the cdn nameservers remain in Ezoic.


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue while using eZoic and Cloudflare.

Unfortunately, there are topics about eZoic and issues which users had.
Even they tried to add all of the IPs (IP ranges) to Cloudflare, but nothing helped.

Furthermore, anything you do, if you integradet through eZoic, you have to change / add / remove using their interface to manage your domain.

Kindly, try to use :search: to find any relative and useful information if so:

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