Whitelist ip payment gateway


I use NowPayment api for my website and when I receive payment the order not pass to statut paying because the callback url is blocked by Cloudflare

I have try but not work …

IP adress payment gateway :

  • user agent

NOWPayments v1.0

  • Version HTTP


  • Méthod


  • access


Hello, login to your Cloudflare dashboard. Security > WAF and create a new rule.

Field: IP Source Address
Operator: equals

Action: Skip

You can check what mechanism blocking the requests in the Security > Events menu so you can setup the rule to skip that mechanism.


I need to click all rules ?

Like this ?

That’s also a solution but as I said, you can check which mechanism is blocking the gateway’s request (If you have it enabled, it will be very likely the Super Bot Fight Mode) in the Security > Event menu so you can set the rule to only skip that.

But if you set it to skip everything that will also solve your problem.

Not solved :disappointed_relieved:

You have to see in the Events menu what is causing the block.

I have this