Whitelist hotmail for email confirmation

Im totally in the dark here so please please forgive my ignorance.

My Ecomerce site has a custom app which is firing confirmation emails (for rental hire). we are having issues with emails getting through to certain platforms. (i.e. Hotmail) but ok with Gmail.

The team who built the app said that my DNS manager needs to whitelist Hotmail etc and gave a link to the issue. ( php mail to hotmail problem)

I called Netregisty where the domain is purchased from and they advised me this would be handled in my cloudfare account…

To be honest I’m in the dark here trying to figure out what i need to do. Are there any experts who can help me. I’m bouncing between helpdesk and feeling pretty lost. :frowning:

There are a number of #tutorial that can assist, email troubleshooting comes up often, ths tutorial will help, https://community.cloudflare.com/t/email-troubleshooting/60720%20

To correct the issue, you may want to review the dns related #tutorial listed in this one:

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