Whitelist for E-payzone

Hello, i made an account on www.e-payouts.com , it’s a website for payments. they gave me a ip that you have to add to your white list. I put this ip from my account at whitelist, firewall, etc, but still not work.

They told me to talk to you, saying their IP is not accepted by you. The tell me: “Sometimes Cloudflare takes a few minutes to validate the ip. But if you want you can contact them to put our ip in white list.”

Can you post a screenshot of the entry you added to whitelist the address?

Also, do the requests show up in your firewall event log?

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i made it a video with problem. https://youtu.be/Fzuo4KjRKRU

Ok, you need to make sure your server restores the visitor IP address at the apache/nginx level:


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This does not seem to be an issue with the request being blocked, but rather that the IP address does not get rewritten, hence your PHP script never gets that address but only the one of Cloudflare’s proxy.

If you are on Apache, look into mod_remoteip.

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I solved after 8 hours :))). My solution was : https://prnt.sc/okn5oi

Anyway, thanks for answer guys.

And here it is for future reference:


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