Whitelist ezoic IPs

Hey I integrated my site with ezoic. Cloud flare DDoS protection is causing an issue. Can you whitelist ezoic IPs and let them run the site through Ezoic Proxy

Do you have a list of IP addresses or IP prefixes?

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No I don’t have it

Have you asked Ezoic about this? I believe they’re a high-paying Cloudflare Enterprise customer and should have an agreement with Cloudflare for this.

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Yeah they told me to request cloud flare for that

Yet they didn’t tell you what those IPs are. What are you asking for at this point?


Do I need to ask them for these IPs? Because as you can see in the screenshot they told me to reach to cloud flare and ask them to whitelist ezoic IPs.
In case you guys can’t do that where can I whitelist a certain IP? Hope you can help me with this.

Firewall Rules are the best place to add an “Allow Rule” for a list of IP addresses (“is in”).

But, yes, we don’t know what Ezoic’s IP addresses are and you’ll have to ask them.

Thank you for that by the way the bot flight mode in the firewall is already on and the security level is high. If I turned off the security level will that solve the problem? Or I must ask them for their IP address and filter it?

You should try turning off bot fight mode. Unless their IPs are whitelisted, it’s very likely they’re getting hit by the Bot Fight mode setting. Turning it off isn’t advisable if you have a problem with bots, but you might weigh the benefit of allowing Ezoic over blocking bots.

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I have a Cloudflare free plan.

Ezoic says that I have to whitelist their IPs.

  1. How many IPs or ranges or entries, one by line can a list have?
    I read the following: https://developers.cloudflare.com/firewall/cf-firewall-rules/rules-lists
    For a free plan: 10000 what? IPs ranges? IPs? or entries=lines?

  2. Ezoic also said:
    “You may also ask CloudFlare support if you are needing assistance on whitelisting in the DDoS section”
    Anybody knows if I can contact support for this?

The same conversation came up a few hours ago,

Not really, support cannot do this on your behalf. Seems ezoic does not understand that.

In any event before you could even ask support to do that, you need to know what IPs. Can you ask ezoic the ips/ip ranges to allow?

Once you have those, follow the instructions here

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I will upload the list IPs and use the Firewall Rules.

Ezoic has an IP list of about 4000 IP ranges and is published in their kb.
Getting the list is not the point.

Anybody can answer the following question?:

How many IPs or ranges or entries, one by line, can a list IPs have?
I read this kb:


However I don’t understand
For a free plan: 10000 what? IPs ranges? IPs? or entries=lines?


I have the list of Ezoic IPs, what I need to know is the following

10,000 entries. An entry can be a single IP address, or a CIDR range.



Amazing as always, thanks @sdayman!!


here is the exoic’s IP addresses… https://support.ezoic.com/file.php?key=e0lh9a2gqagnt_f0q_fnx5nka4djnvfg&expires=1632009600&signature=34c5b5a69dfa2ba638f1e5a463bc3781daf4d80f&id=106977

here they are. I’m also facing 520 error when integrated with Ezoic and cloudflare. IP Addresses of ezoic - https://support.ezoic.com/file.php?key=e0lh9a2gqagnt_f0q_fnx5nka4djnvfg&expires=1632009600&signature=34c5b5a69dfa2ba638f1e5a463bc3781daf4d80f&id=106977