Whitelist Ezoic in DDos and bot protection


I need to whitelist Ezoic in DDos and bot protection, I already uploaded a list of Ezoic IP ranges and I use it for the firewall rules. However if I don’t disable DDos and bot protection, the Ezoic video app can’t be set up.

I already sent the issue to Ezoic support and they told me to request the whitelisting to Cloudflare support which I tried but it sends me to the community.

Thanks in advance

Could you also try and add them to the IP Access Rules with the action “Allow” too? (just in case) and post back.

Do you mean the option “I am under an attack!” or some other DDoS protection?

Bot Fight Mode?

Could you also try and add them to the IP Access Rules with the action “Allow” too? (just in case) and post back

Imposible. There are more than 4400 IPs ranges.



Kindly, may I ask have you navigated to the Cloudflare dashboard → Firewall → Tools → IP Access Rules and added the eZoic IPs there too?

From eZoic? I doubt that much.

UPDATE: Ok, there are really a lof of them, where they all come from?

My gosh :crazy_face: :grimacing: … source:

I have contacted ezoic، and I want to link my site egy4dvd.com with ezoic and whitelist it، becouse gy4dvd.com Request to orig was blocked by Cloudflare DDoS

Here are a few helpful article:

eZoic has got a known IP ranges list, but a long one.
Lately, similar topic come across as I remember:

IP list (at the bottom of the page from above link) here - I am not sure if all of them actually fit into the IP Access / Firewall Rules, or actually into the custom list to use:

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Thanks @fritex, I know that you are trying to help. But as I have been in Ezoic since Sept 2019, I know everything that is in their KB, also Ezoic support and community are very active too

As I said before I have their complete and depurated IP’s list that the Ezoic support gave to me, which I already uploaded to Cloudflare and whitelisted.

As I didnt have an answer from Cloudflare, I recently went again to support and the tech team is looking again at the issue.

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If I may add my experience.

I used Cloudflare through eZoic integration once on two news portal / domains.

Result: Caching results were so bad, Website loading speed went so slow, even the one domain was using Pro plan - useless, as far as eZoic disables any optimization and speed.

Either it was on both WordPress, all the caching plugin like W3 Total Cache and WP Rocket, or WP Super Cache had been disabled due to eZoic WordPress plugin.

Earnings from that ads were okay, but for the bad user experience, I left it.

Either I was and stil am using IP Access Rules to block hundreds of AS numbers, strict Firewall Rules including solutions from #tutorials and Bot Fight Mode option as same as Browser Integrity Check options both being enabled at that time when I used it.

Nevertheless, I did not have to whitelist or allow eZoic on Cloudflare.

I remember I have not seen any eZoic IP in my Firewall Events log back at the time I used it.

I do not understand from where does this issue come from, not only your, but there were topics from other users having the same issue which brings me a big :question: in my head

I may only assume that the origin host / server (hosting provider) isn’t configured properly to allow Cloudflare following below guide:

by using Cloudflare IP address list available from here:

Furthermore, it has to allow and configure to return the real visitor IP address if their client (you and me and others) use Cloudflare in their Web server, in terms of any blockage as follows on below article, otherwise, that’s the only way from my understanding why does eZoic get blocked - or even not eZoic, rather Cloudflare (as far as being proxied :orange:):

Unfortunately, again, from my understanding, this is the only reason why this issue comes up while using eZoic (or better to say Cloudflare for our domain/websites through their interface).

Truly, I am really sorry to hear that you are also having issues with eZoic, but I am afraid only You cannot do anything alone here.

I could only suggest you to contact your hosting provider (possible issue with mod_security), provide him above three links and to follow the instructions from them, and therefore re-check if anything changes and write back for any kind of a feedback information so we could try to troubleshoot even some more if above is being successfully implemented on the hosting provider side.

Thank you in advance and I appreciate your time and effort trying to solve this issue! :wink:

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Sorry to hear that you have speed issues with Ezoic.
This is not my case.

I have a server at Cloudways, and Ezoic is perfectly whitelisted. As I said before, I already know Ezoic Kb content. I don’t come here asking for Ezoic or server support.

I know you are trying to help. Thanks for your guesses exercise, but this is not useful, has nothing to do with my request.

Thanks again.

To be fair, both of his responses did address IP allowlisting.

As this looks to be the same issue, I’m going to merge the two threads.

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Sorry @sdayman if I was inaccurate in my answer, what I mean is that the thread began to broaden and didn’t get to the point.


  1. Cloudways has a 1 click integration in the control panel for Cloudflare.
  2. Cloudways allowlisted Ezoic IP’s to my request according Ezoic KB
  3. Ezoic is allowlisted in Cloudflare by an allow FW Rule of a curated list of more than 4400 Ezoic IP ranges uploaded to Cloudflare. (As you @sdayman very presisally indicate me before in Whitelist ezoic IPs - #15 by sdayman)

So going to the point the question was:

Is there a more specific way to allowlist Ezoic IP’s for DDos and bot protection?

Description of the issue:

Cloudflare DDos and bot protection is blocking an specific Ezoic video app.
The allow Ezoic IPs in Cloudflare FW rule is working well, however to setup the video app I need to disable DDos and bot protection.

Of course I also sent this case to Ezoic tech team support.

Sorry again if I didn’t explain clearly.

I think this is the downfall of many. Bot protection, especially Super Bot Fight Mode, is extremely unforgiving at this point. Unfortunately, “Bot protection” covers a wide variety of features here, so it depends on which of those features is blocking Ezoic.

When something is blocked, the Firewall log here should pinpoint which feature is blocking the request, and then we can then refine our recommendations.

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Thanks for your answer.
I am referring to this two options. Now I enabled both


From this:

I am being curious how is the video file actually being served (to the end visitor) through an eZoic hostname (CDN dns record - it has multiple of them) while all of them are proxied :orange: cloud? (I doubt they are :grey: by default)

I am afraid it will not work so well if the file is too big, or actually your Website has much traffic which could affect of either loading/displaying the video content (at least without using Cloudflare Streaming, which may be needed here in this case, if so?)

Either, eZoic has got some DDoS protecton too, at least they say …

Screenshot 2021-11-01 at 00-36-33 Ezoic Cloud A Lightning Fast CDN For Publishers

Hopefully, the video could also not be shown / loaded at your Website due to any other security measurements, like CORS / Cross Origin Request being blocked, etc.

Furthermore, that was stated where or said by who?
Meaning, you did not yet setup the video app (or cannot because of it), neither you haven’t got any logged event in your Cloudflare Firewall Events for your domain name which is blocked, or I am wrong about it?

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