Whitelist/exclude WooCommerce API-url's


I would like to be able to whitelist og exclude certain URL-s that contain domainame.com**/wc-api/*** from Cloudflare.

This is necessary to do as the payment gateway/solution we use needs to get the callbacks from WooComerce. This is not possible right now.

They are getting 503 (Service Temporarily Unavailable) when sending callbacks, e.g. for order ids. This is because of Cloudflare is the conclusion after troubleshooting the problem.

How and where can I do this? I have a basic account.

Thanks in advance.

May I ask do you see anything appear in the Cloudflare Firewall Events log at your Cloudflare dashboard for your domain name?

Is the 503 error comming from your origin host, or rather Cloudflare?

Can you capture a screenshot and shere it here where the error appears?

Furthermore, does it appear in the Developer Console (F12) of your Web browser, or?

May I ask, have you already created a Page Rule for that?

Have you allowlisted IP addresses of your origin host / server at Firewall Rules and IP Access Rules with the action “Allow”?

Nevertheless, what kind of Security Level options have you got selected and may I ask have you got the Bot Fight Mode option enabled at Cloudflare dashboard?

Do you use any of the security plugins for your WordPress, which could potentially block the REST API which could be used with WooCommerce /wc-api/ URI paths?

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