Whitelist an IP address


I need to whitelist a range of IP addresses to get Wordfence working and whilst I can enter IP address is equal to and then the address I can’t figure out how to add a range
eg xxx.xxx.xxx.0 to xxx.xxx.xxx.31 If I use the xxx.xxx.xxx.0/31 format I get an error saying “CIDR ranges can only be used with ‘in’ operators”

Anyone help me please either with the IP address format or getting Wordfence working ?

I use Wordfence and haven’t had to whitelist anything. Are these IP addresses belong to Wordfence? Or your server(s)?


in touch with Wordfence support and they are asking me to whitelist a range of IP addresses (I assume theirs) as the scans are not being allowed to contact Wordfence servers by Cloudflare they tell me. Our host says it’s all clear and it’s been working fine for months up until it stopped shortly before my last post

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