Whitelist a long list of IPs

I am trying to setup managewp for my Cloudflare sites and they say I need to whitelist their IPs but there are 50 of them and if I just past a list a space or comma separated it tells me “Country, IP address, or ASN not recognized”

Life’s too short to enter to enter 50 individual ips is there an easier way to enter this many IPs? e.g.

If you are in pro or above , create a Zone Lockdown. You can copy and paste your IP list the same way as here.

On a free plan you can use a firewall rule like:

(ip.src ne 123.345.789.1 and ip.src ne 132.465.798.1 and ip.src ne 123.564.789.1 and http.request.full_uri eq "https://www.yourdomain.com/path/to/admin")

Action: Block

If you are familiar with API requests you should be able to use it for adding the desired rule.

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