White supremacist website using CloudFlare SSL certificate and ips

Stormfront dot org is an infamous White Supremacist form where racist individuals and organizations get together, strategize, organize and disseminate false information.

a nslookup resolves to a CloudFlare IPs
they ALSO use an SSL certificate issued by Cloudflare.

The messages are heinous and flat out preach extermination of people of color, jewish, muslims, etc.

This site is dangerous for the US and the World. I hope that CloudFlare’s values and mission don’t align or condone giving access to such entities.

Advocating for the extermination of human beings should not be protected by free speech.

Please do not allow them to use your services. Please revoke their SLL certificate.

Complaints cannot be filed via this forum. To submit an abuse report, go to cloudflare.com/abuse. The Trust and Safety team will then review the details and reply if appropriate.

tks. I complained yesterday and have not heard from CF… I do apologize…been very impatient and troubled w/ these issues.

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@sdayman’s suggestion is spot-on and the community won’t do anything here. Just keep in mind that a complaint is a complaint and that’s it. It does not mean anything will happen. I could complain about your site too. It really depends if the responsible team finds legal issues with the site in question or if any applicable laws are broken.