White Screen Randomly on some pages


First off thanks for the help I do appreciate it. For some reason on a site I am working on after I visit a couple of pages I always see a white screen. At first, I thought it was a wordpress issue but I’ve spent hours debugging and I can’t find anything that would indicate that.

The strange thing is it works fine, but when you are browsing around you get a white screen. Then you refresh and everything is good again.

I’m running cloudflare free, with flexible SSL and redirect traffic to https. I’m using the cloudflare proxy and I have not done anything else in terms of customization thanks so much for any help in advance.

I did a quick :search: on this, https://community.cloudflare.com/search?q=white%20screen%20on%20some%20pages.

You comments that there were no other customization; in the link above, settings for Auto Minify or Rocket Loader seem to be the culprits, the other thing are adblockers. But, there may be food for thought in the link. You could also pause cloudflare from the overview tab to verify if it’s happening without cloudflare or not. Post back and let know how it’s going.

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