White screen of death after moving nameservers to Cloudflare

The first time this has happened: I move a domain’s nameservers to Cloudflare (about 2 weeks ago) ever since the website just stays white… The host told me to contact Cloudflare as they cannot do anything about it at this stage.

Hello there,

Do you any error code? What’s the site?

Hi Neiljay, the domain is 7slotmachines dot com and I get: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

There are couple of checks you may required to do so. Check the link:

Hi Neil, thanks for the fast reply. My hosting provider says: ‘‘something has gone wrong at Cloudflare settings. There are no www, MX or PTR records on the nameservers’’. What does this mean?

And Cloudflare says: A few more steps are required to complete your setup.Hide

Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for www so that 7slotmachines dot com will resolve.

These are not primarily essential for going live except www.

Absolutely, that’s necessary. Check this out for guide:

But I dont get anything of this guide. There is AAAA domain name on Proxied and Auto, all seems right, do I need to manually add something? I don’t get it unfortunately.

Would you share a shot of DNS records here for quick view?

You are missing the A record.

Try this

Click on add record,
Select A record
In the name, add the website,
content-add the ip address of your website (Check from you host)
Keep proxied

You can remove the pic. More info here:

In the name, I put just 7slotmachines or www.7slotmachines?

7slotmachines. com (or @)

I added PTR succesfully (my host says it was missing, but I dont know where to find the ipv4 address to add A)

Find from the host DNS record.

www.7slotmachines dot com

Error determining IP Addresses for www.7slotmachines dot com

I hope you’ve added the correct IP from the host. Check again
In the name section you can type @ instead of your website name. It’ll auto capture.

I cannot even see the IP from my host because I moved it to Cloudflare… When I switch back to host, only then one can click ‘‘DNS registry management’’… this is so frustrating, normally no problems moving to Cloudflare and now this I have no clue what is wrong

You’ll have to figure it out

Now I just deleted the site from Cloudflare and like try it again.

Your host is confused. PTR records are not part of your domain’s zone. They map IP addresses to hostnames and exist in their own zone hierarchy: in-addr.arpa for IPv4 and ip6.arpa for IPv6. They are typically managed by the party that controls the IP address range, which is usually an ISP or an Enterprise customer.