White listing some bots by ASN?

I went under firewall->bots and super bot fighter mode. If I change definitely bots to be challenge or block it then blocks my integration with my shipping software.

The shipping software comes from a lot of different IP addresses according to what I am seeing here, but they all have the ASN of AS33070 RMH-14 listed in cloudflare.

So i want to whitelist. Someone in here said you can whitelist by IP in tools and bypass all cloudflare firewalls, and on that page it says ASN is an option as well. So i put in the ASN that I copied and pasted from cloudflare and then cloudflare says it is an invalid ASN. So I am not sure what to do?

I would like to cut down some on the bot traffic only because I find so many of my scrapped images on things like russian porn sites. LOL


This might work:

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