White list into the Firewall doesn't work

Hello there! I’ve written some rule for my IP address into the Firewall. I’ve done it for login at the my site, however this rule doesn’t work and after first visit into my site like admin I logout from there! How I can solve this problem?

Did you write firewall rules on your origin server or in Cloudflare itself?

It was yesterday at the Cloudflare account for my site. However I’ve seen your letter before that and I will try to fix any discribing issues in the last e-mail

Here you can see some screens from Cloudflare tools and page of site for login. Anyway, “запомнить меня на этом компьютере” translates like a “Remember me at this computer” and it is switched out any time even if I do mark at this field. I cant understand why it doesn’t work?

I’ve researched my actions into mozilla firfox and it works very well. No bugs. It is a problem of Chrome broweser, so, you can close this item. Thanks for your attention and help!