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Hi I have a site that set up as a whitelabel affiliate ( if my terminology is correct) so a visitor comes to mysite.com and if they select the affiliate offer they goto booking.mysite.

My site is not secure and I wish to make it secure, plus ( and this is the bit I do not understand how to do ) I have to make booking.mysite secure. My understanding is booking.mysite is not a subdomain but a CNAME record that the affiliate has set up.


They give me this advise, but I really not sure how to achieve this , please help.
So far I have set set up mysite.com to use cloudflare as a CDN so I need to set ssl plus sort the booking.mysite.com to the CDN

he needs to have something proxy booking.mysite to our system and while he’s at it do an SSL termination.

He needs to point booking.mysite -> to CDN which requests the site from our server (referred to in CDN terms as the origin server).

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