While in bypass mode may I directly access CF

I am troubleshooting an issue where using Cloudflare actually worsens the user experience. It’s on a live site so I don’t have the luxury to let my audience have this experience.

Currently I bypass CF and direct all traffic in the DNS setting to go directly to my site. The UX is great… however I am not taking advantage of CF.

Can I change my hosts file to bypass myself and access directly? If so, what is my domains IP address for one or all the different pops ? Or do I have to learn it by using CF and then recording the CF IP for my hosts?

Absolutely! I do this from time to time. In my Mac’s /etc/hosts file, I add the IP address of my server, which is also the “A” record in Cloudflare DNS for my site.

Excellent. I’ll obtain my A records when visitors are low… briefly switch DNS, perhaps connect from different VPN points to gather different POP IPs and then troubleshoot.

Wish CF support could simple give me a list of my A record IP’s…

They should be right there in the Dashboard’s DNS section.

@sdayman, I think this question is the other way round to the way you (and I) do it…

@klaus1, Am I correct in thinking that you are running with Cloudflare :grey:/paused, but want to test with Cloudflare enabled by adding a Cloudflare IP to your hosts file? Not the other way round where Cloudflare is :orange: and you add your server’s IP to bypass Cloudflare.

If this is the case, then yes, I believe it’s possible but you do need to know the Cloudflare IPs - the only way as far as I know is to record them while the domain is proxied.

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Ah, that makes more sense.

You can check https://securitytrails.com/ for your DNS history. It should have both IPv4 addresses.

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