Which website hosting providers are compatible with Cloudflare? Does Firebase Hosting work with CF?

After I learned the hard way that neither Netlify nor GitHub Pages work well with Cloudflare, I’m wondering which website hosting providers are compatible with Cloudflare?

In particular, does Firebase Hosting work with CF?

What was wrong? I run a few GH Pages sites with CF proxying them and have no issues; the only problem with GH pages is that it complains about not being able to issue a letsencrypt TLS certificate, however I have a page rule with SSL set to “full” to get around this.

As for firebase, this setup page specifically mentions Cloudflare, so I would guess CF works with it.

Thanks for pointing out the Firebase setup page explaining the CF setup.

I tried for several days setting up CF with GH Pages (not using any page rule), getting some advice from CF Community experts, but whenever it seemed to work, it broke down again the next day (see GitHub Pages require disabling CF's HTTP Proxy). GH support told me I cannot use CF, and also CF doesn’t provide any guidance page for using their proxy service with GH Pages. So, I gave up, having wasted quite some time with this.

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