Which tunnel is assigned to which API key

I have a couple of Argo tunnels set up, but way more API keys listed, since I’ve torn down und built rebuilt multiple tunnels in development. Now, I’d like to remove all unused API keys from my account, but have no apparent way to determine which are used and which aren’t. I know it says “last used”, but all Argo labeled entries show “last used: never”. They also all show as “active”. Also they’re all named the extact same.

If i remove all keys, do the tunnels immediately break down, or at next boot, or just loose edit access? Some machines are remote and have no alternate access besides onsite.

Confirmed on test-setup: you can delete the tunnel api keys. Tunnels will stay online, as well as restart, create new, add dns etc.

You can run multiple services over one tunnel (from one origin/host), just saying for further case :wink:

If you created it as a service and enabled it on startup, I believe yes.

yeah, multiple machines in different locations, i should’ve added :smiley:

I mistook the api key for the main way of authenticating the client on CF servers. Apparently, you only need the cert to get full access to the entire DNS, which you can’t limit in functionality, like saying “you can only add cname, not modify”. Which would be a security benefit imo.

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