Which Subscription should I buy

I want to use Zero Trust service to create tunnels and manage WAF-alike service in Zero trust tunnel for my internal portals, and also to manage VPN access to my network and applications (like RDP and shared folders).
I am confused, should I get Pro subscription (25 per month) or should I get SASE pay as you go (7$ per user) license?

Thanks for the help


If you would like to use Zero Trust, it is best to get Zero Trust & SASE pay as you go. See: Zero Trust & SASE Plans & Pricing. For more information on the account limits I would suggest taking a look at the following document: Account limits ยท Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

Thank you for the reply.
What about publishing my internal portals (like I have SQL Reporting Service portal, and ServiceDesk management portal)? will Zero Trust & SASE plan cover these things? especially if I need a direct support from Cloudflare team, will it cover this?