Which SSL certificate is served in development mode? Origin's or Cloudflare's?

Development mode is suposed to “temporarily suspend Cloudflare’s edge caching and minification features”. It also should “allows requests for your website to temporarily bypass our cache so you can verify changes made to cached content.”, and “When Development Mode is on, all requests will be passed to the origin server.”

All quotes from CF help. They mainly say that the Dev mode is about bypassing cache, but the last one makes me wonder, if Dev mode also means that Cloudflare SSL certificate is also bypassed and origin certificate is served instead. Or not?

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The last one refers to that none of the requests will be served from Cloudflare’s caches but will be all passed (still) from Cloudflare’s proxy to the origin. :orange: requests will still go through the proxy in development mode, they only bypass Cloudflare when you “pause” the zone.

Thank you Sandro. So from your answer I understand, that the dev mode handles caching only, but CF still server the SSL certificate, correct?


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