Which site from many at CF is under attack?

I have a lots of sites/domains under my CF account, they are on the one sevrer too. So imagine DDoS attack at one of my sites, server is down and I can’t see logs to know which site is the cause of the problem.
I can see a big increase in requests, visits, etc. at CF Analitics&Logs tab for my whole account. But how can I find out which exect site is under attack without opening every single site at CF and checking its stats? Is there a fast way?

Hi there,

I’d say that the easiest way would probably be to add each website to web analytics and then right from the web analytics main selector, you will be able to see page views on the right side of each website for the last 24h even before clicking/expanding it.
Web analytics can be accessed in Analytics & LogsWeb Analytics (in the account before selecting any domain).

Also, you can enable DDoS notifications from your dashboard. Go to your notifications tab and select DDoS Protection, this will send an email alert when a DDoS is in progress in one of your zones.

Take care.

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Thanks for your advise! Will try e-mail notifications.

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