Which rule works first: Bots Fight Mode or custom WAP rules?

If a bad bot comes to the site (according to Bots Fight Mode), will I be able to allow him access to the WAF custom rules? Or will this bot be blocked at the Bots Fight Mode level and WAF custom rules won’t see it?

Bot Fight Mode should be running first, and as such, your custom WAF rules shouldn’t ever see a bot that has been blocked by Bot Fight Mode .

Thanks for reply, but why in the WAF custom rules while I’am choosing Skip action, I able to skip Bot Fight Mode / Bot Super Fight Mode** ?

After the move to the newer “Custom Rules”, it was, as far as I know, only made possible to skip Super Bot Fight Mode on paid plans.

It is still my understanding, that you won’t be able to override the Bot Fight Mode(s) in any kind of way, even with the newer “Custom Rules”, if you’re running your website on a Free plan.


Thanks for reply! I didn’t check it on Free plan. Maybe, I will check that ability in further.

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