Which record goes into what box for a CNAME record

Hello, I want to authenticate my domain and I have to enter a CNAME record but I am not sure which box the ‘Name’ goes into or the ‘value’. Is the box that says target for the value?

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A CNAME record has two parts: the alias and the canonical name. The canonical name is the target of the alias. If you were asked to create a CNAME for validation purposes with a third-party, the target would be the one that is in their domain. Let’s look at a common Microsoft 365 record as an example.

Type Name Target
CNAME msoid clientconfig.microsoftonline-p.net

Let me know if that helps, or if you would like further clarification.

Thank you.
I still need help.
The name - I have been given contains my domain for my website - does that goes in the name box.

The other is labelled ‘value’ does that go in the target box ?
If so I have done that
I even tried doing it the other way round

Thank you and regards,
Paul Middleton

If you received my now deleted reply as an email, ignore it. It had poorly thought out advice.

You cannot create a CNAME at the apex. For validation CNAMEs Cloudflare’s CNAME flattening will not work as needed.

What service are you trying to validate?

I have it sorted thank you

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Can you share the solution for the benefit of anyone facing a similar problem who may find this topic?

i turned off the proxy button

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