Which plan to choose for a site with 300-500 visitors a day

Hi, i have a site getting hardly 300-500 visitors per day and currently hosted on Digital ocean along with maxcdn for images and js files to serve faster along . I need good dns resolving service, and i am not sure if cloudflare cdn is also an alternative to maxcdn or not, if so what should be a good plan to choose and how to migrate my cdn as well.

Start with the free plan. From there, you can judge if you want to add more features. Paid plans generally don’t give you more capacity; just more features.

So mostly all paid plans can handle same amount of traffic, but in paid plans we get more features like better ddos protection, more page rules etch, is that what you mean ?

Correct. Another handy paid feature is image optimization (Mirage and Polish). Again, more about convenience rather than capacity.

Thanks for the advice.

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