Which plan should I use to use South Korea (ICN) CDN Edge?

We have lots of South Korean users, and need to use South Korea Edge. But Cloudflare’s documentation says that Free or Pro (and maybe business) plan does not activate South Korea Edge.

I want to make sure that which plan should I use to activate South Korea Edge.

([Cloudflare Support] #2255939: No CDN edge from Korea)

Enterprise plan gurantees you Seoul’s edge.

*just read more, apparently Korea’s bandwidth price is 15x more expensive than EU/US, therefore you need to get an enterprise plan for this one. https://blog.cloudflare.com/bandwidth-costs-around-the-world/

If you’re in South Korea, you can see which data center(s) different plan levels use. Or have a user there run this test for you and send you the results:


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