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I am about to launch a website that will probably incur around 50 to 100,000 simultaneous visits on the first day. I want to be sure that nobody can target me for DDOS attacks. Which plan would be most suitable for this? The Pro, Business, or enterprise? Also, what is the difference in DDOS and security protection for each plan? Thanks.

If you go to the page below, you can see how the plans compare. There’s a “Compare all plans and featues” button box that will give you the list:

Traffic-wise, they’re all the same. Though it really helps to already be familiar with Cloudflare to get the most out of it. Not until you get to the Enterprise level at several thousand dollars per month do you get fine-grained DDoS control. Any lower than that, then you’ll have to have a really good feel for Cloudflare’s security features.

I would say that at that amount of traffic, you’d benefit from some of the Pro Plan features, such as image optimization, DDoS alerts, additional rules, and Web Application Firewall. Plus, it’s just $20/month.

This is all assuming you have the server power that can handle so many requests.

Cloudflare does an excellent job of caching, but it shines the most if it can serve the same cached content to everybody. If your site is eCommerce, or requires users to log in, or provides some other type of personalized content per visitor, those requests will have to hit the server.

If you don’t mind spending $200/month, the Business Plan offers a “Waiting Room” if your server is likely to get overwhelmed by those numbers of visitors.

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I would recommend starting at the PRO plan and seeing if it is sufficient for your needs. As sdayman mentioned it’s only $20 and it is a heck of a value. PRO offers plenty of metrics/analysis and protections that the FREE plan does not.

Super Bot Fight Mode is available on the PRO plan and it has helped my organization immensely. If you find that your website is still being attacked or if you need more granular controls, you can always upgrade to Business.


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Ah, yes. Super Bot Fight Mode. Sometimes overzealous when it comes to good automated traffic, but it’s a great “one step down” from Under Attack Mode since it won’t block regular human traffic.

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