Which plan do I need for SSL on Android < 2.2 to be working?

On this page:

It says:

Note: If you need more compatibility with older browsers/operating systems, such as Windows XP and Android 3.0 and earlier, please check out our Pro, Business, or Enterprise plans.

However that is not very clear what I have to do to achieve this.

Honestly you shouldn’t need support for Android 2.2, it was released 6 years ago and based on the distribution table only 0.3% of androids are still on that version.

The article there is saying that, in order to get support for those old browsers/OS’s (which I think don’t support SNI) you need to subscribe to the pro plan or better.


Actually 2.2 is not even listed anymore, so it must be less than 0.1% and with the title referring to versions before 2.2 we are talking about practically non-existent.

That being said, there could be still a legitimate use-case of course. @goout, I’d simply contact support at their “[email protected]” address and enquire if and how much paid plans support old ciphers.

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I consulted my Android dev and we had issues with Android 4, we kept getting SSLHandshakeExceptions.

you can check ssllabs https://dev.ssllabs.com/ssltest/index.html and for specific clients for

You upgraded to Pro plan yet ? That’s what you’d need to do.

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