Which permission needed for creating redirect rule at Zone level


I am using terraform to manage bulk redirection rule at my account (there are about ~600 rules) the terraform script setup is fine, however when running it always come up with an error like below

missing the permissions required to create rulesets in the http_request_redirect phase at the zone level

I am using api token with below edit permission, but it did not help:

    • All zones -
      Response Compression:Edit,
      Config Rules:Edit,
      Dynamic Redirect:Edit,
      Custom Error Rules:Edit,
      Origin Rules:Edit,
      Managed Headers:Edit,
      Transform Rules:Edit,
      HTTP DDoS Managed Ruleset:Edit,
      Page Rules:Edit

Thank you for advising me the needed permission for this creation work


Bulk Redirects is an account-level feature. Check the entry point to make sure it’s the right one.

Add Bulk Redirect Rules to the entry point ruleset of the http_request_redirect phase at the account level. Refer to the Rulesets API documentation for more information on creating a ruleset and supplying a list of rules for the ruleset.

And a bit down the page:

The API token used in API requests to manage Bulk Redirects objects (lists, list items, and rules) must have at least the following permissions:

  • Account > Account Rulesets > Edit
  • Account > Account Filter Lists > Edit

Source: Create Bulk Redirects via API · Cloudflare Rules docs

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