Which pages or sites are trying to take my photos by hotlink

Cloudflare community I have the following question: as you can see in the attached image I am in Events by service
Hotlink protection and in the top events by source I am looking for a filter that allows me to show the page or source that is using our images; WE DO NOT HAVE A RECORD OF WHO IS USING OUR IMAGES. Do you have a tool that allows me to see the web pages that are trying to use our images?

Everything you see in that picture, including the rest of the metrics if you scroll down, is what you have available.

If you’re on the Enterprise plan, you can setup Cloudflare Logs. This will allow you to log the Referer request header containing the website URL.

do you have any tutorial or step by step to set up Cloudflare logs? and then how I log into the referer request header?

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