Which IPv4 address will I use in my DNS setting

I’m trying to add record to my DNS, where can I get the details of what to add? Including the IPv4 address?

Usually, when we need a website, we are looking for two thins:

  • domain
  • hosting

When we buy a hosting for our Website, usually we obtaion the needed information from the hosting provider - we get an IP address, etc.

This IP address you would put in the “content” as a value for your DNS records like A type yourdomain.com record being pointed to this IP address, then the A type www record, etc.

At least, the one for your main domain is needed, others are optional, or by far depending on the need and use for them.

Thanks. But I did not receive any IP address after adding my site to cloudflare. Where can I get it?

Cloudflare is not a host, they provide DNS, security features and such. You need a website host as @fritex said. Once you have a host and have your IP from them, you can then add a new A record (through Cloudflare).

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Hi, please where am I suppose to get the IPv4 address to add to my A record? I didn’t receive it from Cloudflare either

This statement still applies:

Thus Cloudflare will not give any IP address for you to add into DNS management.

This is something you need to clarify with your hosting provider. Or, do you even have a hosting provider (e.g. GoDaddy)?

I actually thought Cloudflare is an hosting provider

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