Which IP will be sent to Website owner if i use file_get_contents or cURL with PHP to get some string

I am using file_get_contents and cURL in PHP to get some string from third-party domains. I am using Cloudflare services with my website.

Let say, my website domain.com using cURL or file_get_contents to get some string from example.com

string = file_get_contents('https://www.example.com');

Let say, my server IP is and Cloudflare randomly changing IP is Now my question is the owner of the example.com able to see my server IP or Cloudflare IP

My understanding is:

  1. Your website example.com is proxied :orange: through Cloudflare.
  2. Your origin server runs a PHP script which calls file_get_contents('https://example.net/').

Yes, since your origin server is initiating the connection, example.net would see the request coming from your origin server’s IP address.


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